Service Import

Importing a Service

  • ESTmep – From the main menu select Takeoff>Services>Import

  • CADmep – Type IMPORTSYS at the command line

  • Browse to the  *.iez file.

  • The Import Services dialogue should appear listing the available Services and Service Groups.

  • Select the Service or Service Group to Import.

  • Click Import.

  • The Force Overwrite dialogue should appear.

  • Click All to import all items, click Newer to import only the newer items.

  • The Estimating Tables dialogue may appear.

  • Click Keep Existing to avoid overwriting your current estimating tables, click Replace All to override your current estimating tables.

If the Import Service Conflict dialogue is prompted because a template with the same name or ID number already exists in your database, Click No to add the new template or click Yes to overwrite the existing matched template.